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North Central Solid Waste Authority provides residential and commercial trash and recycling services to Santa Clara Pueblo, City of  Española, Ohkay Owingeh and Rio Arriba County in Northern New Mexico.

North Central was formed by these agencies in 2004 to provide solid waste services for their citizens and is a local public body of the State of New Mexico.




Sgt. Yazzie presented our very own HERO Nick Diaz with a certificate of appreciation and a Starbucks card as small token of appreciation.

On Thursday, February 9, 2018 the Rio Arriba County Sheriff's office honored a real live local hero. Mr. Nick Diaz who played a big role in helping RASO catch the guy who robbed La Tiendita in Alcalde a few weeks ago.

 We are so very proud of you Nick.

Regular Board Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the next Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 9:00 A.M. at the North Central office located at
2016 North Riverside Drive, Espanola NM 87532

Curbside Recycling Program

The North Central Solid Waste Authority sadly announces that it will end its pilot curbside recycling program in Española, NM. The program began with a New Mexico Environment Department R.A.I.D grant of $20,000 dollars to purchase recycling polycarts, and was implemented to reduce City of Española resident’s trash output, and to promote recycling.

The program selected neighborhoods that were easily accessible and were already being serviced by an automated side loading polycart truck. Authority employees began the program by dropping off recycling carts to home owners, and verbally consulting residents on proper recycling. An additional paper guide was attached to carts for homeowners that employees were unable to speak to. Authority employees then hand pulled the carts to ensure the residents were properly disposing recycling.

The program was offered to 173 homes, with the communities of Valley Estates and Chacoma Vista being the largest audience. Initially, most of the residents in these areas participated in the campaign. Unfortunately, the number of participants has slowly dwindled over the past year.
The Authority was unable to obtain funding to purchase a dedicated recycling truck this year, and with the current recycling crunch, the Authority is forced to suspend the program, which will end in the upcoming weeks.

The North Central Solid Waste Authority is dedicated to recycling, and urges the Española Community to continue recycling on their own; the Alcalde Transfer Station is available for your recycling needs Tuesday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. We hope to resurrect the recycling program in the coming future.

Online Bill Pay Now Available

To pay your North Central Solid Waste Authority bill online please visit www.xpressbillpay.com there is a $1.50 charge for debit/ credit card and check transactions.

* Questions about paying your bill online:



Notice to all Residents & Customers

North Central Solid Waste Authority has received numerous concerns in regards to the disposal of substances liable to spontaneous ignition. 


Hot ashes or cinders, smoldering coals, greasy or oily substances liable to spontaneous ignition are prohibited from being disposed of in a residential polycart. Refuse of this type shall be placed in non-combustible container on a non-combustible surface at least 2 feet from any combustible wall, partition, or exterior window opening and at least 10 feet away from any other combustible materials. Ashes or cinders shall be cold for at least twenty-four hours prior to proper disposal.  


In addition, no person shall dispose of any hot ashes or cinders, smoldering coals, greasy or oily substances liable to spontaneous ignitionin a manner that the person knows or should know will harm the environment or endangers the public health, welfare or safety of any employee or community member. 

Glass Recycling 

North Central Solid Waste Authority will no longer accept glass as recyclables after October 1, 2015.  The facility that accepted the glass, Santa Fe County B.U.R.R.T recycling has modified their operation and has begun to transport their recycling to Friedman Recycling in Albuquerque.  

The cost to haul glass separate from other recyclables is not cost efficiant for the Authority.  Therefore, we will continue to offer single stream recycling to our customers at no cost. 


Proper Polycart Placement

NCSWA uses "polycart trucks" - these trucks have arms on the side that pick up the polycart and dump it into the top of the truck.  If the cart is turned sideways or backwards, the truck can't grab it to empty it, or can damage the polycart.

If the polycart is too close to something like a mailbox, fence post or parked car, it can "snag" on the object, or the arms can hit the object, causing damage.  Please leave 16 inches between the carts when multiple carts are placed next to each other.

If the polycart is under a tree or wires, lifting it to empty it can cause damage to anything above the cart.

Please put your polycart with the wheels against the curb (wheels away from the road) and away from any obstruction, and with nothing overhead!

Please make sure the lid is closed.

Please bag your trash!  When the polycart is dumped into the top of the truck, loose trash can fall out or be blown away, littering your yard or your neighbor's property!



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