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County Road 216, Illegal Dumping

North Central Solid Waste Authority and The New Mexico State land Office are working together and are appropriating funding to remove several of tons of trash from an illegal dumping site out on County Road 216 in Coyote. New Mexico State Trust Lands are used to generate money for the general fund and help specific beneficiaries, such as the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State, New Mexico Military Institute, The School for the Deaf & Blind, and New Mexico Public Schools K thru 12. This also helps New Mexicans by reducing the amount New Mexicans have to pay at tax season time. The State Land Office manages thirteen (13) million subsurface acres, and nine million surface acres throughout New Mexico.   The site has discarded T.V’s and old boards, tires and lots of ranching materials several dead cows, and a host of other materials that are detrimental to our watershed. The site will have to be cleaned up, and fenced off to prevent any new illegal dumping. The contractors who have been asked to provide estimates for the clean-up have all estimated the cost at twenty-five thousand dollars or higher. It is very disheartening to see that people don’t care about our watershed and dump trash wherever they please, but to spend twenty-five thousand dollars that would have benefited New Mexico Education, it is just stupid. The individuals who are illegally dumping at this site are making all of us pay for their illegal actions, depriving our children of a better education and poisoning our drinking water. Please help stop illegal dumping, had the people just taken it to the transfer station for proper disposal it would have only cost a couple hundred bucks. We are now forced to pay for people who just don’t care.   

Manufactured Home Placement and Compliance

 Home Placement requirements including: Development permits; proof of ownership; proof of paid taxes, delivery and removal/disposal permits, phsyical addressing (E-911), NMED waste water, verification of North Central Solid Waste account (s), and proper utility connections.  This effort is driven by our County Government's collective charge to oversee the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our citizens.  Sub-standard and illegal housing is a pervasive problem in this County.  We are very sensitive to the housing needs of our citizens, especially as we are coming into the winter months, and will work with individuals in an efficient manner to assure they conduct the necessary steps to bring their dwellings into compliance with our zoning , health and safety regulations.

This process is current and will continue to be on-going and far reaching.  No one community or geographical area is being targeted or intentionally ignored.  We receive calls on a daily basis from people complaining of illegal housing placement and as a County Department we believe that it is only fair and democratic  for all our citizens to abide by the same set of rules.  Our residents will benefit along with our communities and therefore, the revenue base of the County. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the Collection Center/ Transfer Station hours?

A: All Collection Centers and Transfer Stations are closed Sunday and Monday.  All Collection Centers reopen on Tuesday at 8:00am and close at 4:00pm Tuesday- Saturday.  EXCLUDING THE ALCALDE TRANSFER STATION: hours are Tuesday- Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm; Saturday 8:00am - 3:30pm Closed everyday 1:00pm -2:00pm lunch hour.

Q: Where is the Española collection center?

A: The Alcalde Transfer Station is now open for customer as well as non-customer use; La Loma Collection Center has been permanetly closed.

Q: Do all Collection centers accept green waste?

A: No, unfortunately only our Transfer Stations (Alcalde and Tierra Amarilla) accept green waste.  All other Collection Centers have been established for excess household waste.

Q: Do I have to have a permit/ punch card?

A: No, for your convenience our Alcalde and Tierra Amarilla Transfer Stations both accect cash and check payments.  All other Collection Centers will require a permit card.

Q: Where can I get a permit/ punch card?

A: Permit/ punch cards can be purchased at our main office located at:2016  North Riverside Dr. Española NM, 87532.  If you would like to inquire regarding your courtesy permit card please contact the office which handles the biling for your waste service.  NCSWA 505-747-8459/ City of Española 505-747-6046.

Q: How much will a permit/ punch card cost?

A: We do have different rates and the rates can change depending on the size of the load, and if you are an account holder.  As a basic answer one truck load even with the truck bed at a customer rate will be $9.93/ non-customer $17.55.  Permit cards for green waste are not sold, green waste can be paid for by check or cash at our transfer stations for $6.04 per truck load.

Q: Why are we issued so little courtesy permit punches?

A: When customers utilize these cards the waste is hauled to a landfill where North Central is charged.  In order to keep our customers monthly bills down we have to keep our costs down as well.  North Central Solid Waste issues these cards to residential account holders without a past due balance, commercial accounts will not be issued to commercial accounts. 

Q: Can I dispose of tires?

A: Yes, at our Transfer Stations Alcalde and Tierra Amarilla.  Prices vary by the size of the tire.  Passenger tires start at $3.00, one permit punch is equal to disposing of 2 passenger tires.

Q: What are the rates for 2017?

A: Rates for 2017 have remained the same as previous year.  County resients $18.00 per month, City customers $17.28 per month, Santa Fe County customers $27.00 per month.  Commercial rates are based on services provided and size of dumpster.

Q: Is the county going to remain with North Central?

A: At this time the Board of Directors have discussed the issue and have decided to remain one entity. 


 Making a Difference

The Honorable Municipal Court Judge Stephen S. Salazar and Community Director Richard Marquez volunteer their time and community devotion in facilitating the clean-up  of the Old Church in Abiquiu.

Judge Salazar has generously supported his community by lending a hand to help clean-up the historic Old Abuquiu Church; Judge Salazar is a commited sponsor for the City of Espanola Spring and Fall Clean-up and a standing advocate for the youth of Rio Arriba County.  He has done a fantastic job with encouraging our youth to participate in county wide clean-ups and his leadership is evident from how our youth interact with him.  Community Director Richard Marquez is the backbone of the City of Espanola clean-ups and has been for the past fifteen years; Mr.Marquez diligently labors to keep Espanola clean of trash and graffiti.

Both men give a timeless effort everyday including their full time jobs serving the City of Espanola: donating their personal free time to coach our children to stay ambitious, finish school and stay off drugs.  The group assembled early Saturday morning on the 15th of August to remove trash and pull weeds at the Old Church in Abiquiu.  North Central Solid Waste Authority provided the group disposal of the trash and weeds collected.

We just wanted to thank Judge Salazar and Mr. Marquez for the great job they do and for their on going dedication to our community!  Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the clean-up; you are making a difference in the beautification of our area!

Muchisimas Gracias


Staff Certifications

Three North Central Solid Waste Authority employees are New Mexico Enviroment Department (NMED) Certified Operators.  The Authority is providing training for it's emloyees to better assist our customers with educated answers to recycling and trash disposal.  Employees are frequently asked questions about about why certain things are not accepted at the collection centers and what is accepted for recycling.  The three day class offered staff improved comprehension of: NMED waste laws and regulations, an integrated solid waste management overview and skills of record keeping and inspections.  The class provided several hours of OSHA and how it helps reduce injuries to both employees and the public by providing free inspections and planning operations.  

Over the last four years , North Central Solid Waste Authority has made an enormous effort to educate its staff through trainings available from the New Mexico Enviroment Department.  The three employees whom attended this training have all been employeed by the Authority for over three years and this is the first training class of this nature made available to staff.  Victor Abeyta, Walter Herrera, and William Herrera received their certification of "Collection Center Training" after successfully passing the course provided by NMED, New Mexico Chapter of SWANA, and the New Mexico Recycling Coalition held on August 25-27, 2015.  

To become a certified operator an individual shall:

  • Complete the appropriate certification training course;
  • Pass an examination approved by the department;
  • Have at least one year of experience in the operation of a facility of the same type as that for which certification is sought;
  • Filean application with the department on a form provided by the department; and
  • Meet the requirments of the Parental Responsibility Act, NMSA 1978, Section 40-5A-1 to 40-5A-13 (1988 Cum. Supp.)

R.A.I.D Grant

The North Central Solid Waste Authority was awarded the New Mexico Enviromental Department, R.A.I.D (Recycling and Illegal Dumping) grant to promote recycling in the City of Espanola.  The $20,000.00 grant will purchase new recycling polycarts for City residents.  Residents will soley divert their recyclabale waste into the new polycart and place it out on the appropriate designated pickup day.

North Central Solid Waste is promoting the "Kick Start" of the recycling program through social media and the Espanola Dreamcatcher Movie Theater; we are refraining from generating any media promotion that will generate additional trash.  City Councilor Pedro Valdez and Councilor Michelle Martinez were instramental in the initiation of the grant and have given their commited support to promote the recycling program.

Since last year, Councilor Martinez has been working diligently with the Authority in providing a recycling dumpster at the James H. Rodriguez School.  Councilor Martinez, along with the parents and staff has ensured the recycling dumpster is easily avalable and parents are discarding only recyclables.

In the up coming months, the Authority will be working with Espanola students to promote the recycling program.  Recycling recepticles have been distributed at the Espanola High School to promote recycling.  It is our hope that other schools will request to join in.  the Authoritywill be modeling the recepticle initiative after the successful Albuquerque recycling program.  The Authority will be accepting plactics 1-thru-7, cardboard and paper; the only recyclable item that will not be accepted is glass.

North Central is eager that the entir City will be given the opportunity to participate over the next few years.  Please help us get this beneficial program off with a successful "Kick Start"!


NCSWA Is Relocating

North Central solid Waste Authority will be relocating to the old San Juan Lakes store location. Ohkay Owingeh continues to support North Central Solid Waste Authority; The Pueblo's Lt. Governor Ben Lujan and TSAY Corp. Chief Executive Officer Ron Lovato have directed Andrew Medina, TSAY Corp. Maintenance Director to renovate the existing Old San Juan Lakes store location.  Ohkay Owingeh will subsidize the Authority with an estimated $76,000.00 over the next three years: allowing North Central Solid Waste Authority to utilize the newly remodeled office space.  

Lt. Governor Ben Lujan and TSAY Corp. CEO Ron Lovato understand that we all create trash and want to assist the Authority by giving back th their community.  When the New Mexico Enviroment Department cited Noth Central Solid Waste Authority for violations at the La Loma Collection center, Ohkay Owingeh graciously offered their Transfer Station to save the County and City of Espanola from being closed.  The Ohkay Owingeh has allowed North Central Solid Waste Authority to burn green waste at their "OO" Transfer Station for over two years which saved thousands of dollars each year.  At the board meeting, Lt. Governor Ben Lujan stated, "We all create trash this is a community issue; we all have to work together to make our community a cleaner and better place." TSAY Corp. CEO Ron Lovato has been supportive of the trash issue as well and recognizes that it is imperative to have a way to dispose of trash efficiently.

North Central Solid Waste Authority anticipates to be moved into the new office space in late September.  We will continue to update the public on the progress of our move to the new location.


SR 96, SR 112 and SR 95 UPDATE

North Central Solid Waste Authority would like to update customers in the SR 96, SR 112 and SR 95 area including Gallina, Lindrith, and Coyote, about the service to the vicinity. North Central Solid Waste Authority has issued a "Request for Proposals" (RFP) asking private trash haulers to provide door-to-door service to their homes. While several private haulers asked to see the RFP, none of them responded to the request. North Central is currently working on a site we located in Lindrith for a Collection Center; the collection center will provide a central location for SR 112 and SR 95 for trash disposal. We will not stop door-to-door pick-up service while we are preparing the additional Collection Centers! The Rio Arriba County Commissioners have not met on the issue, but are looking at addressing the County ordinance. We are also looking at changing the way we pick-up trash in the area. We are exploring the use of a single polycart truck to service the area. We are still exploring ways to cut costs, and will notify account holders before any changes are made to the way we service your homes! We will keep the community informed of our progress. We will continue to make information available to the public in a more efficient social media form. Rio Arriba County and North Central are waiting to have the next town hall meeting until we have more news about Collection Centers and Rio Arriba County ordinance changes. We thank you for your continuing patience.

Gino R. Romero
NCSWA Manager